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Copy-paste data

Let's introduce this useful tip:

You already know how to import participant and result data, through the powerful file import wizard. But did you know you can simply paste some data when working on the grids?

You sometimes have an Excel sheet already open with some participant lists, for example. Wanting to import them in your Wiclax event? Means opening the file import dialog for participants, and then lookup for the file through the Explorer. Great, but you can do quicker by copying the original list into the clipboard, and then simply pressing the usual Control+V shortcut after you put the focus on the competitors grid. That will show up the filedata import wizard, with the Import from clipboard option checked. And from that point you know how to proceed.

And this way is not only quicker, it's also a necessary helper when you want to import only a selection of what's in the original file.

Last thing to say, it can as well be used to move some participant/result data from a Wiclax event to another, selecting them and playing with the Control+C and Control+V shortcuts.

Coming soon

Starting to give a flavour of the new features already implemented, but not yet in a public release. So that you can wait for them, and give us a feedback in between.

Focusing this one today: if you are a user of Australian RFID Timing systems as we do, you will soon enjoy this new layout for your acquisitions. Not taking more place, the row will show up with the device's battery level, the visualization of the active antennas, the readers current mode, the power of each reader and the reading ON/OFF status.

Here's the picture:

Image description

Version 8.1

La nouvelle version 8.1 de Wiclax est publiée.

Une fois de plus, cette nouvelle version compile un grand nombre de nouvelles fonctionnalités, sans compromis avec nos exigences de qualité et de performances. Toujours à l'écoute des besoins de nos utilisateurs, nous espérons que chacun de vous y trouvera son bonheur.

Quelques unes des nouveautés les plus marquantes

Un vieux projet enfin finalisé : l'assistant de création d'épreuve a été entièrement repensé. Il est maintenant plus efficace que jamais pour démarrer n'importe quel type d'épreuve standard en une poignée de clics. Plus flexible aussi pour accueillir de nouveaux modèles et s'enrichir avec les données de vos fédérations préférées. Faites-nous parvenir vos remarques et vos idées !

 Image description


Pour vos besoins professionnels, le module G-Live peut maintenant gérer des exporteurs personnalisés. Ces exporteurs sont capables d'écrire des fichiers de résultats, ou d'envoyer des données de course en direct sur le réseau. Une solution utilisée avec succès sur les championnats de France de Cross pour alimenter les incrustations TV.


Pour gagner du temps sur la saisie des coordonnées GPS d'un pointage, pointez-les directement sur la carte. Le champ d'adresse permet d'accéder rapidement à la zone qu'il vous faut.

Image description  Image description


Et pour vous faciliter la vie, la barre d'accès rapide va maintenant retenir vos fonctionnalités favorites, pour un accès immédiat. Faites un clic droit sur un bouton du ruban pour l'ajouter à la barre.

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Pour voir la liste complète des nouveautés, cliquez ici.

8.1 Release

Here we come with spring and a new 8.1 release of the software.

Once again we’ve been developing hard to come out with new powerful features and stick to the various needs you’re gathering with us, while remaining committed to high quality standards. Hence this new delivery not only brings quite a lot of enhancements and new features, but also improves global performances and reliability.

Emphasizing some of the coolest changes:

An old project finalized: the event creation wizard has been completely reshaped. It’s more straight forward than ever to get any standard race type ready in a few clicks. More flexible also to get enriched with new templates and with data from your beloved sport federations worldwide. We’re looking forward your comments and ideas!

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For your professional requirements, the G-Live module can now embed some user-defined exporters. They can make automatic file exports or send live network data. Successfully used to feed some TV overlays at French national Cross championships.


Saving time on setting the GPS coordinates of your split points, now selectable on the map.

 Image description 
Image description


And making your life easier, the quick access toolbar will now hold your favorite features for instant access.

 Image description


See the full list of new stuff here.

Race live on outdoor screens

In its previous delivery, Wiclax introduced a new powerful framework to help with live data projection. Whatever your video device looks like, being it a wide led screen with a limited resolution or a big TV screen, you can freely design what you want to get displayed in live. Remember that the solution relies on the G-Live module, so you only need a Web browser somewhere on your local network which will broadcast the screening.

Thanks to this nice architecture in place, we can now go forward with new features.

A screen configuration was already able to include some pictures and some basic animations programmed to be displayed with some transition effects. Of course the text sizes, the background and foreground colors were customizable but you may expect more possibilities. Hence here what’s will come with the next release: the ability to attach your own CSS styles to any element, for example a text label but also rows and cells of a result list.

CSS is the standard language used to style every Web page. It’s not too difficult to learn and of course you’ll find thousands of resources to help you in discovering what it can achieve. Just imagine you can play with gradient backgrounds, borders, rotations, paddings and margins, text shadows, font styling, transparencies and much more.

Better a picture than a thousand words, here’s a sample to illustrate that:

Wiclax race scoring software - live race data on screen

Last but not least, we’ll plan to deliver such samples for your inspiration, as well as some other ready to use configurations. Then we’re waiting for your next wishes!

The Championships module

Not the most well known feature of the Wiclax solution, the Championships module can nonetheless be very helpful to you. You may already need it, or it can happen that you get suddenly requested for a tricky classification to perform over multiple events.

Getting started

The module is accessible from your Windows Start menu, searching for Championships or looking into the Wiclax submenu.

You'll basically create a new championship ranking in two steps:

  1. Feed the list of events to work on. These will be the .clax files you used to time them.
  2. Specify which rules apply for the ranking computation.

Image description

Computing a ranking

Once the setup is completed, just click the calculate button.

The ranking gets calculated and you can then export the result as a new Wiclax event file.

All possibilities

The module helps you with a variety of powerful features:

  • Defining some points to grant to competitors based on their ranks in each event - overall or in the category. If necessary you will be able to differentiate each race in the events, typically when it's about different distances.
  • Defining some additional rules like a minimal number of events participated, or a bonus granted for at least n events participated. This list is not exhaustive and may evolve based on new needs you'll encounter.
  • Dealing with competitor merging: a major issue with informal championships, when anyone can participate to the events without being registered at a global level, is that you're dependent on the data you get as input. And of course you cannot expect a same participant to have his name spelled in the exact same way through the different events he runned. So here comes the merging feature: after a primary level of computation you will be prompted with a list of individuals being likely the same person. Just remains you to decide and the final ranking will be made accordingly.